Laminar Fountains

Laminar Stream

A laminar water stream. Check out how clear and smooth it is. You’d almost think it was a glass rod

Laminar Fountains are a current passion of mine because they involve moving water which is a semi-addiction for me. Just ask my wife about me and waterfalls! I built my first laminar fountain a few years ago and now that I have a 3D printer up and running I’m embarking on a new journey to develop a set of 3D printed fountain designs that I can share. So buckle up for some Laminar Fountain information and watching me try, fail, and iterate on a new design!

Laminar Fountain Posts
What is a laminar fountain (coming soon)

My first working laminar fountain

My first working laminar fountain

2 thoughts on “Laminar Fountains

    • The best place to find this information is on the laminar fountain forum archives. You can find them here: I will be providing more information on my own fountains once I have my new fountain completed. Stay tuned for that but the forums are the place to look in the mean time!

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